Every Entrepreneur Benefits From a Visual Storytelling

From a few headshots, to behind the scenes, we will capture a range of images to represent the essence of your business. My approach is customised to your needs as I offer a variety of premium locations and the flexibility needed to achieve the results that YOU want.

What do you want your clients to see & feel first?

Amsterdam Branding photography

The first thing that will catch your client's attentions is your images. So what if the images are not yours? Or if they don't tell your story? In this digital world, having your own images representing the real backside of your business is increasingly important. Not only will that improve trust, inform and engage your potential clients, but it tells the story that you want to tell!

Not only will you get beautiful images that fits your brand to fill your website, a refined brand identity, but also content for your social media accounts. Quality, thought-of content to increase your reach, and therefore grow your business. It is essential that YOU feel amazing about how your business is presented to the world and I want to make that vision come true for you!

What Branding Photoshoot is Best for my Business?

Personal Branding Photoshoot

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer in need of a strong website or social media presence?

Then a personal branding photoshoot would be the best option for you. We will focus on creating images that suits your brand in order to best communicate your style and services to your customers. You will get professional headshots, candid images that align with ideas you may want to share with your potential clients in the future, behind the scenes - for instance pictures of you behind your laptop or writing in a journal, and fierce confidence shots. From these, you will be able to create meaningful and high quality content on your social media channels, as well as update your website and platforms for a professional, yet personalised look.

Best suited for: coaches, freelancers, digital nomads, virtual assistants, and more.

Creative Branding

Do you own a physical shop, restaurant, or business selling physical products and need some photographs for your website and social media accounts?

Then a creative branding may work best for you! This option focuses on capturing details of your business as well as its people. For instance, we will get behind the scenes images of the creation of your products, the environment, some action pictures, and more! This allows for a 360 representation of everything going on and lots of social media content. With the creative branding photography, you should have all the images needed for your website.

Best suited for: restaurants, brands, artists creating physical products and more.

Professional Headshots

Is your business in need of new headshots?

It goes without saying that any business should be presenting their employees in a professional way reflecting the brand's identity. Posting selfies of your employees on social media platforms or your website simply doesn't look professional and lack the uniformity. With this option, we will plan a location that reflects your business to take images of your employees. We can play around with the lighting, the colours of the background and the editing.

Best suited for: businesses looking to present their employees in a professional way.

Ready to brainstorm?


1 - Let's get to know each other

& Let's talk ideas!

Before we move any further, I want to hear your thoughts and ideas on the shoot. We can do this by email, or by planning a phone/video call where we get to know one another and share ideas on the best way to represent the mission of your business.

From there, I will send you a proposal with a drafted plan and recommend a package. If you agree to invest in your branding images, I will send you a contract and invoice.

2 - Creative Call & Moodboard

Let's get the creative juices flowing! We will schedule our "Creative Call" and put pen to paper on our next step.

At this stage, I want to hear your story, your social media needs, your website ideas, everything on you and your business, I also want to hear about your inspiration and expectations for our upcoming shoot.

I will then send you a questionnaire with a few questions to answer on your brand identity, and we will be ready for the next step.

3- Photoshoot Concept & Planning

Our last step before the big day!

Once I am well equipped with all the knowledge I need on your business and inspiration, I will send you a few locations to choose from and decide with you if hiring external talent like a make up artist would be best for the result we are looking for.

I will then send you a detailed photoshoot concept with our agreed location, moodboard, and overall direction.

This is an important step as this is the day we approve of our plan, so that your brand's vision and identity may be clearly communicated through my photographs.

4- Shoot Day & Aftermath

We made it to our final step: the day of our photoshoot!

On that day, I will make sure that your vision happens and direct you so that you can be your authentic self in front of my camera. We will follow our concept and plan previously drafted and make your branding images come to a reality.

Once the shoot is over, I will need around 2 weeks to send over your proofing gallery. That gallery is colour-corrected, but small adjustments still usually need to be made. Once you make your selection, you will receive your downloadable gallery.

Bonjour, I am Sandrine Philie


I believe that you have to know love, to be able to witness it in others and I'm a lover of life like no other. I see beauty where others see the mundane and that perception is what makes my photography unique. I aim to deliver a high-quality, timeless product with an experience smooth and stress free as can be.