Picture this...

You started your dream business, you invested in the education you need, a website & you are ready to go live? What about branding images though? You tell yourself... "Ah, I guess I can just use a few photos from my last trip."

The thing is...

Being an entrepreneur and selling a product or your services is really about selling yourself and building trust with your potential clients.

So what's the first thing you want your clients to see when they land on your website?

A CONFIDENT professional...

Images that embody your strengths and reflect the essence of your business.

As entrepreneurs, we invest so much time working on our socials, SEO, anything so that our target clients can find us. But what happens when they do?

How do we keep them on our website?

1 - Professional Branding Photographs WILL reflect your brand.

That is the first thing I discuss with my clients: What is your brand? Do you have branding colours, a certain style, what are your fonts?

Your branding images shouldn't reflect the style of your photographer but rather your own brand. A good photographer will tailor their style and editing to give your branding photos that you match your mission and appeal to your target client.

When your clients land on your website, the first thing that will catch their eyes are your images. You need your images to make a statement; like a promise to your client. A promise of quality, consistency and reliability.

2 - Content! So much content!

I would be lying if I'd say that the ever changing algorithm of Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest and any other social media isn't demanding! It's always evolving, and when we finally feel like we start to understand it, it will just change again!

One thing has been proven to work over and over: posting consistently.

But it's hard right? We want our feeds to look aesthetic, or at least coherent, we may not have THAT many images or videos to post. Well investing in a professional branding shoot will give you just that: coherent content, and lots of it.

Making sure that you plan 5 to 7 outfits, as well as having a shot list tailored to the type of images that you may need in the near future will resolve any content issue you may have. Your feed will be coherent, even if you aren't only posting your professional images. Having them spread out will still give a sense of uniformity.

The best part is: it won't only be portraits, we'll think of behind-the-scenes, atmosphere, formal and much more!

3 - Appeal to your IDEAL and DREAM client!


Who is your dream client? Are they business owners themselves? Are they seeking to gain control of their life? Are the in the higher-end bracket of society?

Your branding photos should appeal to them!

If you are a corporate coach helping CEOs across the Netherlands, you'll want to focus on professional images that reflect confidence, in a more business-like style. If you are a coach helping creatives set up their businesses, then we will rent a cool space that gives an artsy vibe.

You'll need to put yourself in your clients shoes and think of what type of images would have them stop scrolling. Which overall mood would have them TRUST that they are the professional they need.

4 - "But I'm not good in front of a camera"

Well thankfully, hiring a skilled photographer will resolve this issue.

To be honest, most of my clients don't feel comfortable at first, in front of the camera. It is my job to have them relax, help them with poses, and guide them towards taking the images they need.

You'll maybe feel awkward at first, but honestly, we always end up having fun!

5 - Professionalism and trust!

How are your clients suppose to be willing to invest in your products, if yourself didn't invest in making your business look professional with branding images.

Using outdated pictures, holiday pictures or iPhone images won't help you build trust with your client, it will do quite the opposite.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?